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Dry Season vs. Rainy Season. What's Your favorite?

Dry Season vs. Rainy Season


A large percentage of people who choose to relocate to Costa Rica do so for the countries wonderful climate.  Having spent years helping clients find their own piece of paradise, one of the first and most basic questions about living in Costa Rica is the weather. 


Some of the questions clients have asked include:  How’s the rainy season?, Is the dry season hotter than the rainy season?  What’s the major difference between the two seasons?,  What is your favorite time of the year in Costa Rica?  Do you have moisture problems (mold) durning the rainy season? To help you get a better feeling about the weather in Atenas area, I am going to answer some of these questions and dispel the misconceptions about the seasons in Costa Rica.


Because of the wonderful climate, many people choose to “winter” in Costa Rica.  This group is actually “wintering” in Costa Rica during the countries summer which begins in mid December and runs through mid May.  Winter in Costa Rica begins mid May and usually ends by December 1st.  The seasons in Costa Rica have been given many names.  The summer, also known as the dry season or high season and the winter aka the rainy seasons or green season.  Every season in Costa Rica has its charm and personally I enjoy Costa Rica year around.


How’s the rainy season?  If I had to pick a “favorite” season, it would be the rainy season.  In Atenas a typical day during the rainy season is sunny up until about 2 in the afternoon when the clouds begin to build, bringing the afternoon rains that can last from 1-2 hours.  These rains can be a steady rain to a tropical downpour.  This time of year is so lush with at least 100 shades of green covering the countryside, hence the nickname “green” season.  The flowers begin to thrive once more, bursting with blooms. Birds, butterflies and hummingbirds abound, fluttering around looking for their nectar.  For me I can do everything I want to durning the morning and by the time the rains begin, I can settle down, relax and have a nice cup of organic Costa Rican coffee.  These are just a few of the reasons why I love the rainy season.


Is the dry season hotter than the rainy season?  In reality, there is not a big temperature shift between the two seasons in Costa Rica.  Sometimes the dry season can feel a little cooler because humidity levels are much lower.  However, durning the rainy season, once the afternoon rains come, the temperature will drop to 68-70 degrees and generally stay there for the rest of the evening.


What is the major difference between the dry and rainy season in Costa Rica?  Not to state the obvious, but the major difference between the two seasons in Costa Rica is....RAIN.  Having said that, after living here for many years, there are subtile differences that you notice like; less tourists, retuning of birds, butterflies and hummingbirds, the dust turns to mud and your dry flaky skin turns to nice, supple hydrated perfection.


Do you have moisture problems (mold) durning the rainy season?  There is no way around this answer, YES!  When you live in a place that receives the amount of rainfall that Costa Rica receives, it is impossible not to have mold.  It is important to have a well ventilated home.  It is also important to be vigilant about cleaning especially durning the rainy season.  Many people install dehumidifiers in their homes, particularly in areas such as closets that can be problematic.  


Costa Rica is truly a country that is to be enjoyed all year long.  When you live here year round, you learn the natural rhythm of life and the joys of the diverse climate, both wet and dry.  As I write this article, I am reminded exactly why I love the rainy season:  I am having my morning cup of joe, the sun is shining on the garden just outside my bedroom window, the flowers are in full bloom and the hummingbirds and butterflies are fluttering around searching for their sweet nectar fix.  God, I am blessed!










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