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Costa Rican Residency Attorney


When I was growing up, the world seemed so large.  As a child lying in the bed of my fathers pickup truck, watching the clouds drift by, I would often day dream about distant lands and places like London, Hong Kong and Paris.  How would it be to visit and live in such exotic destinations? 

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La Optica: Small Business in Atenas

Costa Rica is a dynamic little country that has every modern convenience and luxury items that one could want.  In San Jose you will find the typical American mega malls that rival any you will find in the United States.  Most feature an array of high end boutiques, designer and luxury goods shops and many of the America fast food chains.  And the newest addition? Starbucks. 

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84 Year old Grandma Flies Through The Costa Rican Jungle

Atenas Costa Rica

When most people think of Costa Rica, the first images that come to mind are sun drenched beaches, tropical rain forests, rugged mountain peaks, and adventure.  Because of the untamed, "adventurous" side of Costa Rica, many people mistakenly think the country is more suited for younger visitors.

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Investing in Costa Rican Real Estate

When investing in Costa Rica’s real estate market, one can profit in virtually all areas of this vibrant market,  but it is always better to create a value added strategy than to rely solely on appreciation to grow your capital.  Building a quality spec home on a desirable, premium building lot is great, secure way to begin investing in Costa Rica with a value added strategy.

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Costa Rica Realtors Chamber

Tours in Costa Rica

Pure Life Development of Atenas is a full service tour company. We feature full vacation packages and day trips for the family. Our tour director Nelson Conejo is very experienced and provides a personal service and attention to detail second to none in Costa Rica. Please write Nelson or give him a call to arrange your next Costa Rican vacation at (506)2446-0447 or

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Retirement Living in Atenas

Interview with Pure Life Development co-founder and certified realtor Dennis Easters, about Costa Rica ranked by AARP as "one of the best places to retire abroad".


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