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Top Ten Reasons Expats Retire in Atenas, Costa Rica


Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Consider Retirement In Atenas, Costa Rica


  • CLIMATE-  More times than not, people choose Costa Rica, especially the Central Valley for it’s near perfect climate.  Daytime temperatures reach the mid 80’s with cool mountain breezes and night time low’s in the mid 60’s.  For those retirees coming from harsh winter climates in the Northeastern United States or Canada, Atenas offers a near perfect climate.  Most importantly there is no snow to shovel.
  • FRIENDLY, WARM PEOPLE-  We hear it time and time again from our friends, family and clients “It’s amazing how friendly, warm and welcoming the Costa Rican people are.”  All you have to do is walk down the street and you are met with a warm smile and HOLA!  My mother will often sit on the bench in front of my office and the local ladies will stop, have a seat and start up a conversation with her as if they had known one another for years!
  • HEALTHY LIFESTYLE-  Having access to farm fresh fruits, vegetables, eggs and meat go a long way in keeping you healthy.  However being healthy is more than that.  The relaxed, “pura vida” mentality allows you to slow down and realize what is important in life, helping to eliminate stress, one of the major contributors to diseases such as cancer, diabetes and heart disease.
  • DIVERSITY OF ACTIVITIES-  The days of retirees rocking away the “golden years” in their rocking chairs are long gone!  During her visit in August, my 84 year old grandmother hit all major tourist attractions in Costa Rica, including flying through the forest on a zipline! The diversity in topography, climate and activities create a big draw for those who retire in Costa Rica.  In the morning you can do a vigorous mountain hike in Atenas, then in the afternoon take a scenic 45 minute drive to the coast and enjoy amazing sunsets and a nice cold drink at Punta Leona, Herradura or Jaco!  Small villages such as Atenas have attracted large expat communities and offer a wide array of social options such as garden and bridge clubs, Women’s Day (every Wednesday at Kay’s), and various charitable organization for volunteer work such as the Atenas Charity Chili Cook Off and the Atenas Angel Tree.
  • AFFORDABLE COST OF LIVING-  Depending on where you are coming from, the cost of living in Costa Rica is very affordable.  Big ticket items such as real estate and taxes (property and personal) are much more affordable than the United States, Canada and Europe.  Also by shopping local (fresh fruits, veggies and meats) you can save a bundle.  Eating out good, quality cuisine can be half the cost you will find in most major cities around the world.
  • QUALITY HEALTH CARE-  Wether you are using the local “caja” (government run medical facilities) or private health care facilities such as CIMA or Clinica Biblica, the quality of care is world class.  In addition to being top quality, the average costs run about 1/3 as compared to the United States.
  • SMALL TOWN ATMOSPHERE-  Atenas is still a “pueblo” where everyone knows your name.  No matter where you are from, you can walk through town and truly feel that Atenas is your hometown.  Another big advantage?  No traffic jams!
  • BEAUTIFUL SCENERY- Atenas, as well as the entire country is nothing but one beautiful vista after another.  There is everything from mountains to beaches, tropical rain forests to cloud forests, erupting volcano’s to tranquil cows just grazing in peace.  And yes, the locals are beautiful too! No matter where you go in Costa Rica, you will be surrounded by beauty!
  • LOCATION-  For most retirees access to a major city, international airport and quality health care are the main reasons they choose Atenas.  Atenas is just 30 minutes drive to San Jose, 30 minutes to the Juan SantaMaria International Airport, 25 minutes to Hospital CIMA and MultiPlaza Escazu (Shopping Mall), and 45 minutes to the Pacific coast.  Not to mention that Atenas is self contained and has everything you need to live a perfectly comfortable life!
  • EASY ACCESS TO “BACK HOME”- One major concern for retirees is having easy access to “back home” and family.  Costa Rica has become a major tourist destination making access for those from North America, easy and close, often times with daily flights to and from Costa Rica, and flight times that range from 2.5 to 5 hours.  We have had several clients comment that by living in Costa Rica they see the grandchildren more often because now the grandchildren love coming to grandma and grandpa’s house!



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Retirement Living in Atenas

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