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Top Ten Reasons To Choose Pure Life Development As Your Real Estate Agents in Atenas, Costa Rica

Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Choose Dennis Easters and Gerardo Gonzalez As Your Realtors To Buy Your New Home in Atenas, Costa Rica. 



  • EXPERIENCE- Our nearly 20 years of experience in real estate is a huge asset to you when buying a property in Costa Rica.  That experience can make the difference between a successful transaction or a complete disaster.  We know our “farm” area, only working with quality properties in addition to   keeping up to date on laws and legal changes that may impact our clients. You can rest assured that you are in good hands and that we will go above and beyond the call of duty to find you your dream home in Atenas, Costa Rica.
  • PROFESSIONALISM-  In our opinion there is a lot more to being professional than putting out a “shingle” and opening an office.  For Gerardo and I, being professional means presenting yourself in a clear, concise manner, treating our clients with respect, listening to their wants and needs, having extensive knowledge of our product and services and dressing for success (not in shorts and flip-flops).  We take pride in ourselves and our profession, motivating us to provide you with the service you deserve.
  • EDUCATION AND LICENSING-  Many people come to Costa Rica and think “I can sell real estate”.  In 9 out of 10 cases these people have never worked in the real estate field nor do they have experience above and beyond the sell of their own homes, which chances are was handled by a professional. Gerardo and I have taken and completed the real estate course work with Bob Hogue Real Estate License School in Florida as well as that of the Camara Costarricense de Corredores de Bienes Raices here in Costa Rica.  Even though licensing for real estate sale agents does not yet exist in Costa Rica, we are members of the Camara Costarricense de Corredores de Bienes Raices and I still hold a valid sales associates license in the state of Florida.  In order to maintain my license in Florida I must complete 14 hours of continuing education every 2 years and pass a state test in order for my license to be renewed and remain valid. 
  • HONESTY AND INTEGRITY-  We pride ourselves in working honestly and with integrity, two values that are the cornerstone of our business and that have lead us to success.  Purchasing real estate is a big deal anywhere but even more so when you are making a large investment in a foreign country.  When I purchased my first home in Costa Rica, it was a near total disaster due to a dishonest attorney.  This was experience that we don’t want our clients to go through. 
  • LISTENING SKILLS- For a successful real estate transaction to occur it is vital that we LISTEN to our clients. Generally speaking, we do not have the luxury of meeting 95% of our clients face to face for an initial consultation.  Because a large percentage of our clients are outside of Costa Rica, initial communications are via e-mail and Skype for several months before their arrival.  Having this communication allows us to obtain detailed information about the wants and needs of our clients so that we can narrow our search, efficiently and effectively finding our clients their dream property in Costa Rica.  
  • FULL SERVICE-  From start to finish, we take the stress away from the purchasing process in Costa Rica by arranging every detail for you.  From consultations with lawyers, opening bank accounts, starting or change utility accounts, purchasing furniture or finding professional tradesmen, we are there for you, guiding you every step of the way.  Our goal is for you to bring your bags and start enjoying your new home in paradise. 
  • BILINGUAL AGENTS- Costa Rica is a Spanish speaking country and all legal documents must be written in SPANISH!  It’s imperative that as a buyer you understand every detail of the real estate transaction. It is our responsibility as professionals to make sure you understand and are comfortable every step of the way.  Gerardo and I are both bilingual, speaking Spanish and English, leaving no room for misinterpretation.
  • ATTENTION TO DETAIL- I read a quote years ago that “God is in the details” and it left a lasting impression.  We have found that on many occasions, it was the details that set us apart from our competition, allowed us to make the sale and lead to a satisfied client.  For me, I take pride in the details wether it’s about the quality of construction of a specific property, a personal detail about a client, their family or checking and double checking on important facts that affect the transaction. 
  • NEGOTIATING SKILLS-  I have been a real estate investor for nearly 20 years and I can negotiate you the best deal when buying or selling your property.  As your agents we have the advantage of being a third party in the transaction which allows us to be objective and emotionally unattached thus  allowing us to see both sides of the negotiations without prejudice and find the common ground to create a win/win transaction for all the parties involved.
  • WE LIVE IN THE COMMUNITY WHERE WE OWN OUR BUSINESS- It is vitally important that our clients and potential clients know we are not some “fly by night” business out to make a fast buck.  We have worked hard to establish ourselves and our business in the Atenas community.  Not only do we work here, we live here and take great pride in our community and the place we call home.






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Pure Life Development of Atenas is a full service tour company. We feature full vacation packages and day trips for the family. Our tour director Nelson Conejo is very experienced and provides a personal service and attention to detail second to none in Costa Rica. Please write Nelson or give him a call to arrange your next Costa Rican vacation at (506)2446-0447 or

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